Nature exists in an optimum way, with the perfect equilibrium between friction and gravity, which when disrupted by disasters, manmade or natural, parameters of these outstretching and allowed by Nature, she has this way of adapting. An intriguing way that one feels compelled to analyse. Such extremes, yet such balance, I wonder in awe…such order.

When the two forces of friction and gravity become incompatible with Nature, higher forces must be addressed respectfully, in order to convert natural disasters into positive adaptation to restore equilibrium….in the same way our minds have the potential to work when we need to deal with disasters, changing kinetic minds to thermal, thinking minds, to facilitate resolve in dry or fluid issues. It is in this way that Nature transforms energy to create harmony and order. One would almost think that Nature has a mind of her own.

This ‘mindset’ is coefficient to achieve equilibrium, I have learnt this empirically, it is mandatory for her evolution and must be allowed for in striking the optimum balance in Nature. It is in this allowance for the extreme limits that she sometimes inevitably loses ground in pursuit of her dreams, sometimes even having to succumb to the avalanche of her will. This nurtures tolerant thoughts and consciousness is born inherently, resulting in the clear-thinking mind power of which Nature is truly capable and displays.

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